Strumica: A Closer Look

The Global shopping mall in the center of the city

Strumica is the largest city in the Eastern part of the country, near the Novo Selo-Petrich border crossing with Bulgaria. About 100,000 people live in the region surrounding the city. The city is named after the Strumica River which runs through it.

Strumica is the main agricultural centre in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It has many textile factories and a developed trade network.

The city is known to have one of the best night lives in the country. It has many lounges, bars and discotheques.

Recommended Sightseeing/ Main Attractions

  • Monastery of the Holy Mother of God Eleusa in Veljusa

The monastery dates back to the 11th century and today serves as the home of the monastic sisterhood of Strumica.

  • Roman Bath in Bansko

12 km southeast of Strumica lies an ancient roman batch. It was discovered in 1978 and is still not fully uncovered.

Strumica offers numerous attractions for its visitors
  • Czar's Towers

The fortress overlooks Strumica from a steep hill and has been heavily damaged during an earthquake in 1931. It dates back to the first century BC.

  • Basilica in old urban nucleus under foundation of Orta Mosque

The Basilica offers a variety of buildings stemming from between late ancient times until the medieval. Influences from Greek and Roman architecture are as well visible as the newer part of the complex, dating back to the 11th century.

  • Tomb of Struma

Located three kilometres west of Strumica, the mausoleum is said to be the tomb of a relative of Alexander the Great. Several more legends are attached to the impressive monument, made of carved freestone.

Recommended Places To Eat

  • Pizza restaurant Dal Fufo
  • Restaurant Letnica
  • Lounge Loven Dom
  • Restaurant Pelikatnik
  • Lounge Sirius


Recommended Hotels For The Event

Basketball History Of The Area
The City of Strumica has one basketball championship trophy which was won by the now inexistent basketball club KK Strumica 2005 in 2007/2008. Two basketball clubs train and play in Strumica after the reorganization of KK Strumica 2005: KK Aba and KK Milenium. The city of Strumica is known for producing very good young players. At the moment three of them are constant players on the national team, Vlatko Ilievski, Dimitar Mirakovski and Eftim Bogoev.

The Venues

Sport Hall Park
Capacity: 1900
Adress: Mladost b.b., 2400, Strumica

Nikola Karev Gym
Capacity: 500
Adress: Marsal Tito b.b., 2400, Strumica 

Getting There And Around

Skopje Alexander The Great Airport is an international airport that offers direct flights to 18 European destinations. It is located 144 km north-west of Strumica and connected to the city via the E76 road. Bus connections from Skopje are also available.

Aerodromia Makedonija Thessaloniki International Airport is located 145 km south of Strumica.

St. Paul the Apostle Airport Ohrid is 256km away.